Monday, January 19, 2015

Product Review 2014 Part 4 of 5, Osprey Packs, Advocare and Discount Code for Christopher Bean Coffee

2015 Enduro Race team plans are coming together. With contracts signed, Stan's NoTubes and Osprey Packs are back as sponsors!  

See earlier post for photos of the 2014 Stan's NoTubes products we used. 

Here are some examples of the Osprey gear we depended on for 2014 traveling, training and racing.

Also, see below for Advocare products and a discount code for Christopher Bean Coffee. It is great having a web based coffee sponsor, coffee is roasted and shipped when ordered so it's always fresh and can be shipped to wherever we are!

Luggage & Packs

photo credit: Dan Holz
Osprey Packs: High quality, intelligent  packs for every part of your day. 

Zealot, for carrying everything, pads, helmet, jacket.  More on this one soon.

Anthony Diaz with Zealot   photo credit: Dan Holz

My current favorites for traveling and riding: 

Shuttle 32" / 110L
Shuttle 32" Large Capacity Gear Hauler. 
Ozone Convertible 22"/50L
Ultra lightweight Ozone carry-on with attached laptop backpack.

Meridian 22"/60L

Meridian 22" with attached laptop backpack. 

Carry-on and additional personal bag can be zipped and/or buckled together till you get on the plane. (left)

It also has hidden backpack straps you can also wear the entire thing. (right)

Krista Park with Transporter   photo credit: Dan Holz

See those straps on the first suitcase (Shuttle 32")? You can strap another bag, like the Transporter that I am carrying here, on top and use the Shuttle wheels/handle to pull both. Then wear the Meridian 22" carry-on as  backpack, with laptop bag attached to that. This leaves a free hand to pull an EVOC bike bag.

As far as on-the-bike: 
Rev 1.5Rev 6
Rev hydration packs 1.5 and 6 are shown above, there are also 12, 18 and 24 versions.  I used the smallest two options (shown) while Diaz used the 6 and 12.

Rev packs with their chest harness system are the best for all-mountain riding with a minimal pack. Or, for riding with a broken collarbone or sore back... Since, for the smaller packs, there is no weight felt on the low back, no weight on the shoulder straps, and no pack shifting to knock the back of your head on steep descents.  

The harness hugs the pack to your ribs so the pack moves with the ribcage, no bouncing or twisting. Also the packs are shorter than normal so if you have jersey pockets you can still access those.

There is also the Rev Solo :)
Rev Solo

Of course there are many other on-the-bike and everyday Osprey packs.

Second to the Rev I like the women's Raven 6 (the hip pockets are great) and Verve 5 on the bike. The Talon 22 is an awesome general pack and favorite of my bikepacker friends. 

Porter is another gear bag, but with more structured walls/not as collapsible as the Transporter line.

On a personal note, I love Osprey Packs for their involvement in the community. Utilizing athletes for skills clinics, supporting community events and hiring athletic employees results in designed-by-outdoor-enthusiasts/athletes-for-outdoor-enthusiasts/athletes products.

One example, Durango Devo coaches are given Osprey packs to carry essentials. Packs were filled with a first aid kit, tools and tubes before being distributed to the coaches. Each coach then adds from experience, extra powerbar blasts for those who forgot to eat since breakfast, a jacket for the one who insisted they were fine leaving their parent's car in cloudy 50 degree weather, etc. 

My cousin Mahina offered her Advocare product to me, she was curious to see what I thought of it. I am asked to try a lot of magic supplements and find it fun, but usually I finish the free product and decide that while I might take it if it was given to me I wouldn't pay for it.  

So, would I really spend money on Advocare products?

Yep. I like the Performance Elite line for amino acids and protein powder, I also like the one-stop shopping of the Well line. (please use Distributer # 14068779 when ordering)

My Favorites

From the Performance Elite line: Bio Charge amino acids and PRO-20 (20 gram protein shooters) are my favorite, I also like Muscle Gain for a protein powder at "home". I'm looking forward to trying O2 Gold when I get back to cardio workouts in the Spring.

From the Well line: I liked the Fiber Drink and would like to try the CitriZinc chews.

At first the website felt overwhelming.  I would tell someone reading this blog post to start by looking at the Performance Elite line and for vitamins, minerals or items you would purchase from a drug store go to the Well line.  Or calling/messaging my cousin. 

After using the Advocare products for a month or two I am now conditioned to look at their website for products before purchasing elsewhere.  For example with everyone having colds right now, I looked for a Vit C/zinc product and found the CitriZink chews. I also found Calcium and Joint ProMotion.

Basically you can find any item you are searching for and see if it is Informed Choice approved as each item is labeled. The entire Performance Elite line is labeled Informed Choice approved.

("The INFORMED-CHOICE program adheres to regulations put forth by WADA, and NCAA as well as professional sports organizations including the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, PGA, ATP, WTA, LPGA, and NASCAR.")

Healthy Diet Guide

Advocare has a 24-day Challenge. It's a kickstart to paying attention to your diet while learning about some of the products they sell.

You can custom build your own challenge. For example,  I would choose the following for my own 24-day challenge:  Peaches and Cream Cleanse, MNS3 and Catalyst

Then I'd use this guide: or the app shown.


Christopher Bean Coffee: Internet based coffee. Order, Roast, Ship.  Always fresh. Huge Selection

My favorite flavor right now is the Roubaix.  Christopher Bean has the perfect coffee for every connoisseur and you can't beat the freshness and convenience!

Use Discount code Park25 for 25% off entire order.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Product Review 2014 Part 3 of 5, Power Bar Products and Mavic Gear (Shoes, Helmets, Gloves, Rain Jackets, Warm Riding Gear and Pedals)

Helmet, Shoes, Gloves, & Pedals

Mavic Ride Gear: Anthony and I were lucky enough to use Mavic Notch helmets, Crossmax shoes, Crossmax XL pedals for all-mountain riding/enduro racing.  

We were also given rain jackets, road helmets, gloves, arm and leg warmers and XC Fury shoes. Yes we could have made do with just enduro gear, but it was REALLY nice to have more streamline gear for road riding. Especially since group road rides are basically underground road races.

Over the last two years we have both hit our heads hard enough to test the Notch helmets properly. They work!

Crossmax shoes are amazing for hike-a-biking and for transferring power in a race. 

For hike-a-bike, the stickiness of the rubber lets you scramble slick rock faces and if in sand or rubble the ankle cuffs keep debris out. 

When racing, they feel the same as the XC Fury, the top-of-the-line XC race shoe (now my "road shoe"). 

The only thing we ran into was that we wanted more ratchets on the retention. We couldn't always get the shoe as tight as we would have liked. Anthony got a size smaller then took his shoe to a ski boot shop, warmed the shoe (in a waterproof bag) in a crockpot of warm water then used a tool to stretch the toebox a bit, perfect.

Mavic wind and rain jackets are perfect, the Crossmax H20 Jacket  even has zippers which open to release more fabric creating space for wearing over an Osprey pack, even has routing for the hydration hose. The women's Cloud jacket is a great fit and takes up a tiny amount of space.

I don't actually run road pedals/shoes but use the Crossmax SL pedals on my road bike. Diaz ran Zxellium Elite road pedals. After a season of riding said he would prefer a little more retention which I would guess is available with the higher end pedals.


I really appreciate the support Powerbar has given over the last five years, stoked for more great snacks in 2015. PowerBar also provides snacks for my clinics which has been awesome!  

PowerBar Snacks: 

Favorites anytime snack: Chocolate Peanut Butter Wafers, Toffee Chocolate Chip Harvest Bar and Apple Cinnamon Crisp Harvest Bar (not pictured)

Favorite enduro race snack: Raspberry (no caffeine), Strawberry Banana (1x caffeine) and Cola (2x caffeine) Energy Blasts

Favorite race gel: Chocolate

Monday, December 15, 2014

Product Review 2014 Part 2 of 5, New Pop-top Camper Van

Now that I am living in Durango CO the big rig is for sale, please pass on to anyone who may be interested. Pictures and details HERE (or see tab above). Selling it for what is still owed on the mortgage.

New (little) rig!!!

Custom Camper Van: I was excited this year to design/buy a new (used) van.

Looking for the new van I called Tim at DenverFleet (recommended by my friend to describe the van I was looking for, 4x4 or AWD, used, cargo, and something I can put a pop-top on. Within a week or two Tim found the perfect van, 2010 Chevy Express AWD cargo, I purchased it based on photos/emails only.

Tim drove the van to Derek at ColoradoCamperVan for the pop-top.  

Pop-top Van Conversion

Derek installed the most amazing 3.5 foot pop-top complete with bed cushions and stackable bed/ceiling platform, LED lighting, silent electric motor-driven pop-up control (with remote), three layer windows all around (1. opaque gray, 2. clear to see out but stay warm, and 3. a screen), a Fantastick fan and Yakima rails. He also insulted the floor and walls.

Upstairs/ Bed

Vehicle Wrap

Derek then trailered the van to I was extremely impressed with the turnaround time and pricing on the wrap.  Time from first phone call to final design was about 2 days. 

Then a quick road trip from Durango to Denver Fleet to pick up the new (used) van!!

After installing two D31M Optima blue top auxiliary batteries in parallel, a 160amp isolator, two small invertors, more LED lighting, an amazing ARB 50 quart fridge, and curtains with custom KingCage Ti curtain rods, we were ready to hit the road.

Retriving vehcles after pre-riding Big Mountain Enduro Crested Butte Ultra Enduro

Big rig is for sale, please pass on to anyone who may be interested. Pictures and details here:

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Product Review 2014 - Part 1 of 5

We had access to amazing products again this year. Thought I'd post some of my favorites as a 5 (or so) part post. Enjoy post #1 and feel free to ask questions.


Stan's NoTubes Wheels and Sealant: Having a selection of the best wheels on the market makes life easy. If you have tried to set up tubeless tires on other rims you may know what I mean. 

This year I ran:
Flows: Turner DHR 26" downhill bike
Crest front/Arch rear: Turner Burner 27.5" all-mountain bike

For rougher terrain on the all-mountain bike I would switch it up between Arches front and rear or even a Flow as a rear wheel. 

Diaz ran:
Flows: Turner DHR 26" downhill bike
Arch front/Arch rear: Turner Burner 27.5" all-mountain bike

For rougher terrain on the all-mountain bike he would switch it up between Arch front and Flow rear or Flow front/rear. 

Why buy NoTubes rims?  Tires seat up tubeless on a NoTubes rim easier than any other rims I have tried. While racing cross-country (XC) I carried a handpump on every flight and set up new tires in hotel rooms in South Africa, Cyprus, Europe and Canada. Having or finding an air compressor, or even traveling with a floorpump, wasn't an option so I sure didn't want rims that required one.

Now that we are racing enduro and riding bike parks, my main concern (in addition to easy setup) is running rims that won't let the tires burp, or worse yet, peel off the rim.  See the details on Bead Socket Technology (BST) and why the NoTubes design is best for speed, cornering and more.

If something goes really wrong and I slam into a rock hard enough that something must fail, I like that to be a small dent in the rim while the wheel and tire are still holding air (no burp, no snakebite in the tire) and such that I will not have an issue setting up the next tire. 

In enduro racing you can change tires between runs but not rims. Rims need to be light enough to race and reliable enough to get you through an entire race weekend.

2014 Sponsors

The 27.5" Turner Burner is the best all-around bike! It can climb more efficiently and descend more playfully and with more control than other bikes of similar spec. The climbing efficiency is due to good geometry and the DW link design. The best part of this bike stems from the fact that owner/designer David Turner gets riders. We don't all like the same headtube angle or the same amount of travel, so he designed a bike that everyone will find to be perfect...  

Before ever riding a Turner I saw an Interbike video of David describing his bikes. I loved how he designed the frames to be versatile and he seemed to be truly knowledgeable and inventive, David was not just repeating the latest marketing jargen. He spec'd the Burner headtube angle based on a 140 to 160mm travel fork and allowed for the use of an angleset. Usually the marketing of a new frame is that it is perfect out of the box, but then you either like it or you don't. Or, the rider doesn't know any better and their ride is limited by the bike.

Ride style, body positioning and other factors decide what is perfect for each rider.  For me (5'5")  the perfect setup is: small Burner, 160 DSD modified Pike (see future post), 50mm stem, 720mm bars and an angleset to slacken it a bit more.  

Photo Credit: Dan Holz

For downhill we rode Turner DHR frames with NoTubes Flow Wheels and RockShox Boxxer forks.

Dowhill bikes are fun, we may even add downhill races to the schedule in 2015...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NoTubes Turner Enduro Race Team Update and Links to Big Mountain Enduro Events

Broken collar bone or not, riding bikes is a blast!  It took approximately four months for my clavicle to start healing the final break. In that time I held clinics, rode all but one of the 2014 Big Mountain Enduro events, and pre-rode both the Winter Park and Whistler Enduro World Series events (but did not line up for the actual races) in addition to joining local rides/events as we traveled the race circuit.  

My teammate Anthony Diaz had a great year finishing the Big Mountain Enduro Series in 3rd overall in the pro men!  He also finished 7th American in the Whistler, Canada stop of the Enduro World Series.

In addition to traveling to races we held clinics and did a few photoshoot events which is always fun.

Below are some of the media links and photos I have started to gather from the summer.

Great Video of Diaz 
by Brandon Ross Mathis on 4 Corners TV 

Front Page of the Durango Herald

Click Here to Read Durango Hearald front page article.

Osprey Red Rocks Clinics and poster signing

Osprey Packs 2015 Catalog

Stan's NoTubes 2015 Catalog
included with every wheel shipment

Kid's Events

Ride for Reading


TX and AZ NICA kids in Durango for camp!

Devo Flyers Angel Fire trip


Demoing during one of the more advanced MTB Arizona clinics

Beginner-ish MTB clinic for roadie team camp in Arizona

Red Rocks Rendezvous, one of 6 rides/clinics

Bike and Beer Clinics in Santa Fe, NM - Kid's Pump Track Clinic

 Bike and Beer Clinics in Santa Fe, NM - Women's Only Clinic

Whistler Women's Clinic

Screen Shots and Photos of Race Media Exposure



by Devon Balet:

Enduro-MTB Magazine
by Daniel Dunn:

Mountain Flyer Magazine

 by Devon Balet:



Enduro MTB Magazine
by Daniel Dunn:


by Greg Heil, photos by Nick Ontiveros:

Mountain Flyer Magazine

by Eddie Clark:

vimeo video

Video, quick clips of Diaz at 0:39 and 1:36;

BME Facebook posts

Various Race Photos 
(Thanks @Nick Ontiveros!!) 



Yep, it was a great summer! Awesome friends and great trails.

Next up Outerbike:

Friday Oct 3rd
9:30 am & 1 pmJoin Turner Bikes' Krista Park and Anthony Diaz for an Intermediate+ skills session/ride on Captain Ahab. Meet at the shuttle.

Saturday Oct 4th
11 amHow to set up suspension clinic by Anthony Diaz. Meet at the Turner booth.